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If you plan to become a yoga instructor, you should make the choice which training is the best for you and which suit you most. There are lots of trainings for yoga teachers available these days, some taking place at weekends, others a month or more of intensive practice and lectures in home studios or ashrams. How to Decide

The international standard for a certified yoga teaching diploma is 200 hours of training. To reach that, choose the course you prefer. If your lifestyle allows, you may go for a whole month or more to an ashram. It will strengthen your body and mind much faster than any other course. Or, if you are available on the weekends, perhaps the best choice for you might be a 4 month course at the place near you.

Staying at home may have some good sides, but can sometimes interfere with your focus on the yoga instructors’ course. That’s why some decide to spend a month away from their everyday life and go to courses on some distant locations.

Find a relevant organization or a school with certified yoga teachers doing the teaching for some time. Licensed teachers usually come from Yoga Alliance and have 500 or more yoga training courses and 1000 hours of yoga classes behind them.

Inform yourself before you start the course. Find out how the program looks like, what are you expected to know in advance and who is going to teach you. Look for some written materials, maybe you could get them before the program starts, so that you’d know what to expect. Ask for the support during and after the course. If the school gives you satisfying answers to all of these questions – it means that they are well prepared and organized, ready to deal with new students.

Think what are you going to do with the yoga teacher certificate, and where you would like to work and how. Some schools offer a chance at their studio, right after the finished course. That way, your teachers may help you at the beginning of your career and further learning. Also, there are networks of yoga studios, connected to the school for yoga teachers, supporting young instructors and giving them chance to start teaching. Yoga Organizations in US

In the United States there are many schools and associations of yoga teachers. Search online for the Yoga Alliance, Integrated School of Yoga, International Yoga College, American Yoga Foundation, Yogsadhna Centre of USA, Central Yoga Association, Florida Vedic College of USA or Nivata Yoga, and find the right school for you.

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