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Zen yoga is a holistic practice focused to unite body, mind and spirit into the balanced harmony. Unlike other types of yoga that are founded in India, Zen yoga originates from China. This kind of yoga is based upon the postures and breathing of classical yoga and very much relies on the movements of tai chi. Moreover, the practice of Zen yoga combines energized breathing of Chi kung, and easy stretching exercises of Shanti yoga. Zen yoga is founded by Aaron Hoopes who studied Traditional Shotokan karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Shanti Yoga and other Eastern healing traditions for more than twenty five years. He is the author of many books describing the philosophy of Zen yoga.
Zen yoga program
Zen yoga is organized similarly to traditional martial art schools. Students of Zen yoga typically progress through different stages while practicing for longer periods of time. Zen yoga school is also a part of the International Yoga Federation, based in India. This basically means that Zen yoga is accepted by the global yoga community whose aim is to set the standards, provide resources and uphold teachings of yoga. The art of Zen yoga involves gentle stretching of all muscles and truly helps practitioners to feel better. It is especially formulated for modern and busy people and everybody can benefit from this discipline, even if their schedule is so busy that it offers just up to 20 minutes for exercise. The Zen yoga daily warmup is a solution that involves a full-body system of movement and improves the flow of energy through the body. It consists of breathing, stretching and movements designed to maintain good health, relax the body and get a relief from stress. At the same time, this simple and short program is a perfect solution for beginners who would like to be acquainted with Zen yoga.
Benefits of Zen yoga
Like any other physical exercise, Zen yoga offers a diversity of fantastic health benefits. Moreover, Zen yoga is equally beneficial for both body and the soul. Zen yoga combines guided breathing and gentle stretching and movement techniques, while improving a metabolic rate, increasing blood circulation, relieving chronic pain, and boosting the release of toxins from the body. This discipline also relieves tension in the muscles and reduces the stress. After the exercise, practitioners typically feel refreshed, full of life and vigorous. This practice builds strength, flexibility and stamina while improving concentration, posture and balance. It is believed that Zen yoga contributes to longevity.

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