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People these days, women in particular, want to stay youngforever. This is not a new idea, and many tried the same thing in the past. However,all youth serums known so far failed at some point. Until recently, Botox was thesubstance used by many who wanted to iron their aging wrinkles.

The newly discovered substance is Argireline. This anti-aginghexapeptide (or acetyl hexapeptide-3) has been designed to mimic the activityof Botox, without the need to use needles in order to apply the product. This substancehas been used in many anti-aging products, and the idea behind it is to reduceor decrease deep wrinkles around the eyes, mouth or on the forehead. So, moreor less, it has similar effects to Botox, only without injections.

Argireline was manufactured by Spanish company, so, be awareof that, when you decide to buy some Argireline-based products claiming to be products made in USA. Some products containing Argireline, hyaluronic acid andaloe vera juice (like Anti-Wrinkle 55 Gold Serum). All these substances areknown as anti-aging ingredients, but probably the most efficient is proven tobe specifically Argireline.

How Argireline works

Natural proteins used to make this hexapeptide affect the musclesof the face, relaxing them so much that they appear to be paralyzed. Wrinkles appearon the face because of the repeated muscle contractions, and by relaxing theyseem to have disappeared. The effects look like the person has injected Botox, sothat’s how Argireline got the name “the best Botox alternative”. Wrinkles caused by frowning or smiling alsovanish when a person starts using Argireline.

Argireline mimic and destabilize the complex in the musclesneeded for muscle contraction, modulating and relaxing them, leading toanti-wrinkle effects.

These products have also been proven to work on theprevention of new wrinkles and lines, because of the reduction of musclemovement.

Why is Argireline Better than Botox

Botox was initially used to ease problems with spasticblinking or crossed eyes. The injection caused fine wrinkles to disappear and that’show the Botox history started. This substance is actually the botulinum toxinand needs to be injected into specific place on the face, relaxing the muscles causingwrinkles.

Argireline does the same thing, but without the need toinject anything, and without surgeons or doctors needed to inject it. It isalso much cheaper option than Botox, which should not be neglected.

The amount of used substance is also smaller and it is appliedto the face as the cream, which is safer than Botox injections. Just a monthafter the start of the treatment with Argireline, people reported significantimprovement in the wrinkles around the eyes.

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