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There is so much pressure on looking young and the pressure just keeps mounting and mounting up. It is a natural occurrence to get wrinkles as you age and this process will usually just start to be noticed in the late twenties, early thirties. The markets saw the need from the people and there are now dozens of so called miracle creams that remove wrinkles. Some promise to prevent the wrinkles whilst others offer the hope of removing them completely. Some come in the form of a cream, others in a serum, others in a mask form and others in the form of a peel. The big question is which ones work. As a person gets older, their production of collagen naturally decreases which is what initiates the start of wrinkles forming. Collagen is what is directly responsible for keeping the skin elastic. There are more radical steps you can take to remove wrinkles such as surgery and there is, of course, as with anything else, a wide range of choices of surgical procedures. Below are some proven methods on wrinkle removal.

Botox, Glycolic Acid Peels and Deep Peels

Everyone by now has heard of Botox. This method will remove fair to harsh wrinkles. This method is not permanent and will only last around four months. The results can be seen forty eight hours following the procedure. Glycolic acid peels can give amazing results for a person who is battling against their wrinkles. Deep peels use something called salicylic acid or sometimes trichloroacetic. These are used for the reason that they go a lot deeper into the skin thus giving better results. One thing to remember though is the harsher and the deeper the type of peel you choose you may have worse possible side effects.

Collagen Creams

Some of these creams simply do not work. Some, however, do what they promised. Try to find the newer brands that have hydrolyzed collagen in them and if you can try to locate the new cream that are now offering a full size collagen.

Drinking Water

It is a fact that your body is made of seventy percent water. So with that fact in mind it is obvious that you need to keep replenishing it to stay elastic and hydrated. If your skin is dehydrated, the wrinkles will appear at a much earlier age. Try to have eight glasses of water a day.

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