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The process of aging is normally accompanied by formation of wrinkles and many different changes which affects our appearance. Most people do not think about aging changes until it is too late. Once they notice wrinkles they simply opt for a quick solution such as plastic surgery. Still, it is better to think in advance and be prepared for the battle against the process of aging. There are so many products available which can provide with proper protection against all the culprits of premature aging and can maintain the healthy appearance of our skin and the neck in particular.

Saggy Neck

The neck area is highly susceptible to the process of aging. Namely, fat tissue from the neck can be easily lost during aging and this can be one reason for saggy appearance of this body part. Furthermore, exposure to excess of sun and inadequate protection and moisturizing of this area can accelerate the wrinkle formation and further progression of sagging. Still, even if this occurs, people have different options to choose before opting for the most extreme one, plastic surgery.

Neck Lift without Surgery - Is it Possible?

There are many non-surgical and non-invasive methods which can improve the appearance of the skin of the neck. Most of them have no or only a few potential side effects and can be repeated from time to time.

Let us start with neck exercises. This is a natural and quite effective way to lift neck muscles, particularly if one starts exercising before the neck becomes way too wrinkled. There are several neck exercises capable of strengthening the anterior neck muscles. Once they are properly toned, the skin will definitely improve its appearance and look much smoother.

Botox injections represent excellent means of neck lifting. Even though the effects are only temporary and the injections must be repeated, the results are amazing and even severe wrinkles can be significantly reduced.

The market is full of numerous creams and lotions that can deal with neck wrinkles and saggy skin. For example, some of these products contain sunscreen and may prevent sun damage, hence they prevent formation of new wrinkles. On the other hand, there are products which deal with already formed wrinkles and reduce their intensity. Skin tightening lotions contain collagen, a substance which is believed to improve the skin's elasticity.

And finally, there are even ways to camouflage wrinkles and saggy skin of the neck. This can be achieved with specific makeup and accessories. With the right kind of makeup ( for example a bronzer or contour color which are slightly darker than the person's skin tone) the effects can be amazing. Accessories in a form of distracting and dangling earrings may attract other people's attention and prevent focusing on the neck.

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