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The person that made it all possible

Not many people have had the opportunity to come across the name of Dr. Linus Pauling. However, despite this fact, all the people today need to be more than thankful to the doctor question, for he was the person behind the analysis that made official astonishing discoveries related to the immense benefits that vitamin C has in the process of skin rejuvenation. And his groundbreaking discovery has ultimately been crowned with a Nobel Prize, which is to show just how great his contribution was.

The moment this fabulous doctor began to point out to those most beneficial properties of the vitamin C for the overall best of healths of our skin, there is not a single manufacturer who did not make it a part of their anti-aging skin care and rejuvenation products. But, just like with any claim, not many of such are to be trusted utterly and completely, for the greatest majority of them is exactly that – just a claim and nothing more.

However, the relation of vitamin C and skin looks and skin health has been confirmed by science as well. Namely, vitamin C as such has been found to possess immense potential when it comes to diminishing wrinkles and providing an additional boost to the skin, which promotes its healthy and youngish looks. And the effect of the vitamin C is, of course, not put to the test. What is put to the test, however, are the claims of the producers who are ready to swear that their products abound in vitamin C, and that, accordingly, their effectiveness is beyond any doubt. As a matter of fact, what many people are completely unaware of is that the greatest majority of these anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products are only 'enriched' with vitamin C, and they do not just fail to meet the claims, but they also have the tendency of even bringing about wrinkles to an even greater extent, thus putting a person who uses them in a highly awkward and unpleasant position.

The important side to all this that people need to comprehend is the nature of the benefits that vitamin C provides the skin with. That is to say how it essentially functions to improve the pores and the skin, as opposed to the manner in which it is utilized in the greatest number of skin products. The wondrous effect of the vitamin C lies in its collagen production stimulating characteristics. These are known aid in keeping one's level of collagen in the body much similar to that which was present in those youthful days.

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