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Anti-aging treatments

Today, market is full with anti-aging cosmetic which promises successful results. Great amounts of creams which are based on retinol, collagen, hydroxy acids, Coenzyme q10 and other substances, are used in therapy for removing wrinkles, which are known as first signs of the skin aging. A good measure of precaution for this esthetic problem is wearing sun protective creams and usage of the moisturizing creams.

Types of wrinkle creams

First item, one should consider before deciding for this kind of treatment, is type of the skin. Depending on that, certain ingredients must be either used or avoided. Here are some of them, which are generally good for any type of the skin.

As already mentioned, retinol plays important part of the wrinkle removing therapy. It is substance which is found in vitamin A, (also known as antioxidant), and helps in fighting with the free radicals, who are the main causers of the damaging of the skin structure, which can result in appearance of the wrinkles. It extremely important to consult doctor before using creams based on this substance during the pregnancy, because vitamin A derivatives can be harmful to fetus. Also, one nutrient we mustn’t forget is Coenzyme q10 which has similar effects as retinol, with extra characteristic of sun protection.

Second very effective treatment of this annoying problem involves hydroxy acids, which are found in fructose (fruit sugar). They help in removing dead layers, which stimulates development of new, fresh smooth skin. Related to that fact, this helps skin to retrieve its natural color.

Other very effective treatments are the one consisted of copper peptides. They stimulate skin to produce collagen, which is natural skin’s substance and has important part in defense system of the skin. Collagen makes thin layer on the skin surface which blocks impact of the environmental substances, which can damage skin. It also helps skin to be more elastic and flexible which prevents wrinkles from appearing.

Efficiency of anti-aging creams

However, every consumer of this kind of treatment must be aware that wrinkles can’t disappear over the night. This treatment considers long lasting therapy and patience of the consumers. Also, treatments based only on creams will not show good results if not used daily. Other very important fact, everyone should be aware of, is that price isn’t proportional with the quality of the cream. So the sooner the right treatment is provided, the better will be the results.

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