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Information on Retinol

Retinol is one of many different forms of vitamin A and itis commonly used in numerous different skin care products. It is also used veryoften as a dietary supplement.

The aforementioned skin care products areusually various body and facial lotions. Those cream products are usuallyadvertised with claims of anti aging effects on the skin and they are usuallyrecommended for the treatment of skin acne.

One should always check for anypossible side effects before using any of these products, because there arepeople who sometimes tend to overuse certain skin creams and other similarproducts.

There are certain precautions that definitely need to be taken beforeusing any anti wrinkle and anti aging skin care products that contain retinolamong many other ingredients.


Vitamin A is fat soluble and is one of the numerousdifferent types of vital nutrients required by the human body. It is importantfor the growth of bones and maintenance of clear vision.

Retinol is one of themany different forms of vitamin A and is one of the most useful ones of themall. Carotenoids and retinoids supply the vitamin A to the human body.Retinoids usually can be found in numerous different animal sources such asmeat, dairy products and eggs. Carotenoids usually come from green vegetables and the most important one is called beta carotene.

Retinol is known for havingstrong antioxidant properties so that is why it is one of the most importantingredients of numerous different skin care products intended for the processof skin rejuvenation.

Retinol is very efficient in increasing the content ofwater in the skin because it is excellent in attracting moisture. The dead toplayer of the skin gets removed in a gentle manner because it is made of oldtissue which is dead. The skin rejuvenation process involves the removal ofdead skin tissue and an increased production of collagen.

Another importantpart of the skin rejuvenation process is the promotion of cell division.Collagen is a protein whose main purpose is to improve the rigidity of theskin.

Another protein called elastin is in charge of increasing the elasticityof the skin. When the production of collagen gets increased the fine wrinklesand the pigmentation caused by excess exposure to sunlight get significantlyreduced.

Retinoid acid gets into the skin and reduces the damage caused by thefree radical which slows down the process of aging.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects that can be triggered byretinol. It can cause reddening of the skin at the applied areas and some caseshave also included stinging sensations. The skin can also become extremelysensitive to sunlight exposure. Skin scaling and irritation may occur in somecases as well.

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