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Defeat old age

In the most recentyears, there has been one “solution” to aging that has recorded a significantincrease in use. The product in question is known to general public as the Vitamin C serum and is, at present,considered to be a mighty anti-aging solution. What contributes to its ever-growing fame is a well known fact that its most active ingredient is none otherthan Vitamin C, which is described as one of the most potent anti-agingvitamins. In addition, what has been discovered long ago is that thisparticular vitamin holds the ability to, once taken inside the body, contributeto an even faster healing of the wound. On top of it all, its nature makes it aperfect immune system fortifier. Despite all these plus sides and benefits, thevitamin in question is, probably, best known for its immense potential toinduce the process of collagen remodeling.

Homemade andeffective

Without any furtherado, it should be emphasized that the most beneficial and effective vitamin Cserum is actually the one made in the comfort of a home. This can be justifiedby many reasons. For example, other serums and products that can be readilybought in the market are unfortunately lower in vitamin C, and the overallconcentration might not be that plentiful so as to be effective when appliedtopically. Furthermore, for those people whose skin is extremely sensitive andsoft, the homemade version is much better, given the fact that ascorbic acidalone is quite pricey. The reason for this may be that its nature makes itextremely unstable and fairly complicated to make a part of the formulationsince it has the tendency to oxidize quite easily and fairly quickly come tothat. In that case, it becomes almost useless.

Face up

In order to be ableto prepare vitamin C serum for the face, a person will need to adhere to thefollowing steps and employ the following ingredients – L-ascorbic acid (¼ of ateaspoon/1-1.2 gm), which is then to be mixed in 5 ml of water (distilled) andstirred until it dissolves properly. Upon completing this step, next thing todo is add to this mixture 5 ml of glycerin (performs the function of a base forthe ascorbic acid). Finally, the entire mixture should be poured into a jar, orsomething similar, sealed and left it in a cool and dry place, where itshould always stay. Also, the jar ought not to be made of glass due to thenegative effects the sunlight has on vitamin C.

Important warning, incase your vitamin C serum or a cream alters its color, i.e. turns yellowish, itis vital do throw it away immediately, in order to avoid any harmful sideeffects.

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