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The wrinkles

It seems that with every year we get a new wrinkle. Manytimes we ask ourselves if we can afford the expensive anti-aging creams thateffectively treat the wrinkles and lines that appear on our face, as well as onthe neck. But on the other side, we are worth of it.

Since the signs of aging are visible on our skin,almost every human being becomes frustrated and distressful when he/she seesthe wrinkles on the face every time he/she looks in the mirror. Therefore, tohave a youthful and glowing skin becomes an imperative and many people spendmuch money buying the creams with anti-aging effects.

Anti-aging creams

However, we know that these creams are not miraculousand that the prices do not correspond to their effectiveness. The invasivetreatments for the wrinkles are more effective than thecreams. In the majority of cases, the anti-aging creams onlyreduce the length or the depth of the wrinkles by 10%. It cannot be seen by thenaked eye. The best anti-aging creams contain vitamins A, C andE, as well as palmitoyl pentapeptide and copper peptides since they create theproteins collagen and elestin that are very potent in healing the wrinkles.

However, the wrinkles appear gradually over manyyears by stretching of non-elastic skin and then hardening into furrows. Therefore,the reducing of the wrinkles with the creams with anti-aging properties is veryslow and requires a long period of time. Therefore, many people opt for a surgery.Moreover, many creams have side effects, such as irritation and reddening.

Many specialists recommend that people should be individuallythoroughly examined under a magnifying lamp and then the special cream for themshould be either made or prescribed, since each person has different skin. Furthermore,the complete medical history of the patient should be taken into account.

One good anti-aging cream should contain peptides inorder to stimulate the reduction of elestin and collagen and thus improve thehealing of the wrinkles. Furthermore, the cream should include fruit acids or glycolicacids, since these acids are very effective for the smoothening of the skin. In orderto protect the skin from the sun damage, vitamin C and E should be ingredientsof a good anti-aging cream. Coenzyme Q10 has antioxidant free radical-quenchingcharacteristic and thus is very potent for the good look of the skin. Retin-Ais derivative of vitamin A and it also should be an ingredient of an anti-agingcream.

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