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Elliptical machines, or cross-trainers as they are sometimes called, are stationary exercise machines that usually combine the exercise movements of some cardio exercise programs or some other pieces of fitness pieces of equipment such as a treadmill, stair climber, exercise cycle, and ski machine. Workout on the elliptical machine actually stimulates the climbing, walking or running while minimizing the possible risk of injuries. Elliptical trainers offer fantastic benefits of low-impact cardiovascular workout without causing any excess pressure on the joints. They became increasingly popular when certain manufacturers started to produce commercial models, which can also be used at home. The main difference between commercial elliptical machines and home ones is that the commercial ones are more durable and typically built to sustain more weight.
Benefits of commercial elliptical trainers
Elliptical trainers are a great choice for everyone show is seeking a low-impact workout and effective way to exercise both upper and lower body. Elliptical trainers engage a very large group of the muscles, offering a successful training for busy people who do not have much time for a complete workout routine. Moreover, elliptical trainers offer the advantage of adjusting the intensity of training. One can literally start with an easy workout and progress, for a couple of weeks, to more advanced stages, without any professional assistance. This type of training is not associated with common injuries, and it is considered very safe, even for the elderly population. The low impact exercise reduces the stress and strain on the legs, due to an elliptical motion. The feet are constantly placed on the pedals, keeping the body firm and secure. This training also provides weight-bearing exercise, which is very important for strengthening the bones and muscles and preventing osteoporosis.
Buying an elliptical trainer
Elliptical trainer is not something that you buy every other day. Choosing the right elliptical trainer requires careful planning and considering a couple of helpful tips. Commercial trainers are usually built to last, and they are more durable than the simple home trainers are. Before buying an elliptical trainer one should first consider the maximum weight the trainer can sustain. Always pick something that can suspend at least 100kg of weight. The best elliptical trainers offer a variety of exercise programs, and they are often equipped with a digital monitor. Some of them even have wireless heart rate control, which is very helpful to optimize the workout and keep the heart rate at the controlled pace for a desired amount of time. Some of them will measure the effectiveness of training in miles, calories and even print customized graphs so that the practitioner can keep a track of the progress.

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