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Trying to conceive often turns into a... well, a trying time for couples. All of a sudden, making love stops being something that naturally brings you together, and starts being a chore that is supposed to help you produce a baby. Because sex becomes something that has to happen at certain times most notably during ovulation some couples notice that their libido suffers and they actually feel like having sex less often, just because they feel they have to do the deed. Well, we thought we'd just remind you that intercourse before a positive ovulation test can get you pregnant too!

Of course, there are many arguments in favor of not paying attention to your menstrual cycle at all, just being intimate with your partner whenever you actually feel like it, and hoping for the best. But in the rush to conceive as soon as possible, many modern couples choose to monitor their fertility and try to have intercourse as often as they can during the days they are most fertile. But... have you taken account that having intercourse before the woman's ovulation could be exactly what is needed to get pregnant? Should that newly released egg have to wait for a sperm to reach it and try to fertilize it?

Well, it is entirely possible to get pregnant if you start going at it like rabbits once you have obtained a positive ovulation test, of course. It can take two days for the egg to make its way down through the fallopian tubes to the uterus (see how long does ovulation last?), and that whole time provides possibilities for conception. But, wouldn't it increase your odds if your egg would have a "welcome party" waiting for it when it was released? Sperm can stick around for a while these little fellows can stay alive for five days in the female body! Remember to do the deed before you start ovulating too, and one of those patient little swimmers might help you get a positive pregnancy test this month!

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