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How to get pregnant fast and naturally is, of course, the question many couples ask themselves. The physical process of conceiving may be a complicated, scientific one, but there are many things that every couple can do to swing the odds in their favor! Most of them will probably already be known to you, so here is a refresher course. You may learn something new, too.

General fertility

To get pregnant, men and women both really benefit from taking a critical look at their overall health. Those who are well nourished and do not lack any crucial vitamins and minerals are more fertile than those who don't eat well, or those who are underweight or overweight. Regular exercise is also something that contributes to your general health, and with that your fertility. Don't forget that this holds true for men too, even though they are not the ones to get pregnant those swimmers are certainly affected by a man's health.

Get to know your cycle

Ovulation, the point at which an egg is released, is the time to get pregnant. Therefore, knowing when this crucial thing happens greatly increases your chances of conceiving. Doing the deed up to five days before ovulation, and up to 24 hours following it, is the window to conceive.


While many, many people get pregnant by just having sex when they feel like it, and not worrying about timing, timing intercourse does help. In addition, a man's sperm count can be negatively affected by either too much sex, or too little. Experts hold that the optimal amount of sex is around three times a week. Don't refrain from intercourse before ovulation just because you want to "save it all up" for the Big O. It doesn't work that way men who are not active for a while have a lower sperm count. Sex every day also depletes sperm count.

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