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Just like there are many couples who aim to get pregnant with a girl, there are numerous people who are desperate to conceive a son. This follow-up piece will discuss natural ways to increase your odds of getting pregnant with a boy. These simple techniques that don't need any medical intervention might just help you achieve your dream of having a son.

The Shettles method is the most commonly used natural gender selection method. Dr Shettles, who developed this method, claimed that sperm have different speeds depending on the chromosomes they carry. Sperm with Y chromosomes that is sperm that contribute to a boy if an egg is successfully fertilized, are said to swim to the fallopian tubes much more quickly than sperm with X chromosomes, which would turn into a girl. Thefore, Dr Shettles says that couples who want a boy should have intercourse from a day (and no more!) before ovulation, and up to 12 hours afterward. Dr Elizabeth Whelan thinks differently. According to her, those who have intercourse earlier on in the woman's cycle have higher chances of getting pregnant with boys. Research she facilitated indicated that couples that did the deed in accordance with her recommendations succeeded in conceiving a son around 68 percent of the time.

Chinese astrologers also have their opinions about conception, and claim that timing intercourse with the help of the lunar calendar can successfully create babies of either gender. The mother s lunar age, and the month of conception are combined to predict the best time to have intercourse. If you want to know more about this method, please consult a Chinese birth chart. Quite a few can be found on the internet. Then, just as there are theories that support using dietary supplements to conceive a girl, there are also supplements that are said to be conductive to getting pregnant with a boy. Evening Primrose Oil and potassium supplements are the most well-known of these.

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