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Conceiving a baby is no less than a science, and scientists say that you are more likely to get pregnant if your stress levels are low. But any couple who has been actively trying to conceive for longer than a couple of months, timing their ovulation and having "baby-making sex", knows that attempting to get pregnant can cause stress all in itself. What can you do to keep trying conceive as stress-free as possible, to continue enjoying doing the deed, and to avoid putting a strain on your relationship?

Here are some tips from the users of SteadyHealth, who have been there and done that. You will have to figure out what works best for you and your partner, so some of these tips are mutually exclusive.

Have sex when you feel like it

It is no secret that you are more likely to get pregnant if you time your intercourse during the female ovulation. Nonetheless, couples who have regular unprotected sex, only when they feel like it, are not at all unlikely to get pregnant. If you and your partner have an aversion to the idea of doing the deed when the clock tells you to, forget about ovulation calendars and tests. Simply be intimate when you are both in the mood.

Pamper yourselves when ovulation comes round

See what I mean about being contradictory? Some couples thrive on making their "baby-making sex" a special event. Book yourselves a nice hotel for the night when your ovulation test turns up positive, enjoy each other and give your partner your full attention. You can create a special atmosphere at home as well get out the scented candles, massage oil, and perhaps even sex toys. Engage in lots of foreplay and have fun. Quickies tend to cause stress.

Talk about it

If you feel sex has become all about making a baby, and you are not enjoying each other any more, tell your partner and discuss making things better. Having a baby together is a big adventure and it should be pleasurable, not a chore.

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