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Some couples are dreaming of getting a baby girl, and they are often willing to try just about anything to conceive one. The skeptics will tell there is no way to influence the sex of the baby, but there are many theories that support the claim that following certain rules can make this dream come true. Modern medical science uses a couple of methods to predict baby’s gender after it is conceived. One of the methods is in-vitro fertilization, in which the embryos created outside the body are tested for gender and genetic disorders, and implanted inside the woman’s uterus. However, most couples seek elegant, natural and not so expensive methods for getting a baby girl. Here are some of the most popular.Folk remediesEven in the folk medicine, there are some well known methods of conceiving a baby girl. These methods, in the spirit of natural medicine, usually involve adjusting the women’s hormonal balance by means of nutrition. These methods advise eating mainly fish and vegetables and enjoy lots of chocolate. Other folk methods advise focusing on woman’s pleasure during the sexual intercourse, or putting a woman in laying and relaxed position during sex.

The Shettles’ Method

The Shettles’ Method is developed by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles during the 60’s. The method is focused on controlling the timing of the intercourse, sexual position and depth of male penetration. According to Dr. Shettles, a couple can manipulate these elements and to favor the odds of male or female type of sperm to fertilize the egg. The method is equally effective for couples trying to get a baby boy as it relies on the following principle: if the sperm with the X chromosome fertilized the egg, the embryo will develop into a girl (XX); if a sperm with a Y chromosome fertilized the egg, the embryo will develop into a boy (XY).

The Whelan Method

The Whelan Method is another natural method for gender selection. The Whelan Method recommends having an intercourse four to six days before the basal body temperature goes up, if a couple wants to get a boy, and two to three days before ovulation, for a girl.

The O+12 Method

The O+12 Method advises sexual intercourse about 12 hours after ovulation to conceive a girl. This method was proposed by a mother who had six sons before tying to time her intercourse differently. The method is contrary to the Shettles’ method, which predicts a boy will be conceived on the day of the ovulation.

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