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Does trying for a baby take all the fun out of your sex life? Sure, it can if you do it wrong. But couples who are hoping to get pregnant don't have to have ovulation-day only, missionary position, no-foreplay sex.

You don't even have to lie with a pillow under your behind for 30 minutes while you discuss who's going to take the laundry out of the machine when your waiting time is up.

Intercourse can definitely turn into a chore for couples who want to get pregnant if they let it. Don't let that smiley face on your ovulation test become ironic... if you use ovulation tests at all.

Here are some reasons intercourse shouldn't be boring when you are trying to have a baby.

The first mistake many couples make is to concentrate on the days the woman is supposed to be fertile, meaning a few days before expected ovulation and during the day of ovulation itself. Having lots of sex during that so-called fertile window harms a man's sperm count, and not having any sex during the rest of the month has much the same effect. By putting yourself on the clock, you could be harming your chances of conceiving. There is no scientific evidence at all that man-on-top sex increases a couple's chances of getting knocked up, so do the deed in whatever way you like. Some sources say that the female orgasm helps sperm find their way to that egg, but even if you don't buy into this, foreplay will help both partners be relaxed, which does do those odds a favor. Boring, no-fun sex doesn't do your relationship any good. You don't want to get pregnant, only to realize that you don't get on with your other half anymore, do you? Connect in whatever way you feel like, and don't make getting pregnant only about sex. Why not make those fertile days more special by having a meal in a good restaurant together, or having a nice walk?

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