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It has been said that, since the moment we are born, we start dying. Perhaps, this is too grim a scenario, but the truth is that we are getting older and older by each minute we spend in this life. It is all a part of a natural process which has happened to all people who have ever lived before us and will happen to countless souls who are yet to walk in our shoes.

The Process of Growing Old

Aging takes place through many different aspects. For example, reaching our twenties is the best time for most people since then they enjoy life to the fullest, indulging into many things for the first time, having a go in adult life while still being protected by their parents and family.

As we leave the twenties behind us, we move on through thirties with more wisdom, while still being guarded by our good health and physical condition. This is the time when we make most permanent changes in our life, becoming people who we are going to be for the rest of our existence.

However, as we leave these years and move on for a couple of decades, life suddenly appears to be more difficult. Our fifties mark the beginning of troubles regarding our health, our performance in every possible aspect and our emotional, physical and mental well-being. If we manage to reach our seventies or eighties, we are almost bound to face the woes of memory loss, forgetfulness, sagging skin, aches and pains as well as persistent illnesses.

Why Do We Have To Age?

Unfortunately, the process mentioned above is still unavoidable. Well, at least we believe it to be so, since, being a natural process, aging was not excessively analyzed or investigated by science. Nowadays, however, more attention is directed upon the issue, as we all strive to discover ways of staying in our top shape for most of our lives. Basically, no one wants do die in pain and agony. Thus, we try to find ways of making the aging process a pleasant trip to whatever awaits next.

Current Theories Regarding Aging

Firstly, we have the Hayflick Limit Theory which claims that the cells in our body reproduce only for a limited amount of time. However, provided we feed them well, they reproduce at a faster rate, keeping us in a good shape for a longer period of time. Yet, we also suspect that there is an inborn limiter of cell reproduction process, which stops the process at a certain point of our lives.

Then, we have the free radicals theory, which says that there are molecules or atoms in our body which lack an electron. Subsequently, these take one from nearby healthy atoms, creating more free radicals and destroying our bodies. Eating fruits and vegetables is supposed to prevent this process.

We also know that there exists a special protection of our chromosomes called telomeres. Once telomeres wear out, we lose our capability of producing new cells. Additionally, blood sugar is known to destroy our cells, when present in excess.

Finally, as we grow old our hormone production drops, our body protects itself less, our DNA gets damaged and we reach our limit regarding tolerance of all the toxins present around us.

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