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Human Beings and the Process of Aging

We all age. Aging is considered to be anormal process of life. Nevertheless, aging is a process manifestedthrough many different changes affecting our physical, psychologicaland social aspects of life. We change throughout our existence. Infact, humans change socially every year of their life. However, thegreatest changes of this type affect people who reach 45 years ofage. After this period, the cell production and regenerationprocesses slow down and a lot of mistakes are made in this process,causing a lot of human cells to be dysfunctional. All this leads tostopping of our growth and development and the onset of bodily andmental deterioration which we refer to as aging. All people agedifferently in their own way, because this process is connected to anindividual's genetic prepositions too. Moreover, genders differ inaging as well. Still, there are patterns which are followed by everyaging human being. If you find this process interesting and want tolearn more about the extraordinary process of aging, read on.

Aging and Human Organism

As we grow older, passing the age limitstated above, our heart starts beating with decreased intensity.Subsequently, our metabolism is slower, since less blood circulatesthroughout our body. This also means that your immune system is lesslikely to stop any diseases which attack your body. The digestivesystem is affected by the age too, since, later in life, it breaksdown food with much more difficulties. This process is made evenharder due to the fact that older people have dental issues whichusually make it impossible for them to chew food properly.

Female members of the human society,once faced with aging, tend to undergo numerous physical and mentalchanges. First, their skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles show upon its surface. Then, their bones become weaker, affecting theirposture and height. This also causes a high likeliness of sufferingfrom bone and joint diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. Musclemass reduces as well. Finally, aging engages many different hormonalchanges in women, making their behavioral patterns quite unbalanced.

As for men, hormonal changes affectthem greatly during the inevitable process of aging. Namely, theysuffer a decrease in male hormones such as testosterone andmelatonin. This leads to a significant decrease in male sex drive,muscle mass and bone strength. Many males face the unfortunate stateof being impotent during this period. Finally, aging strikes men withmany mental illnesses being a possible part of it. Therefore,Alzheimer's disease, dementia and overall forgetfulness, combined withirritability and insomnia, are all possible cases.

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