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The Theory of Success through Excess

We, humans, are often quite strange.Namely, we tend to consider excess to be the way to live. Therefore, wespend our entire lives searching for the source of our excess. Someof us choose to chase money until they reach excess. Others havehobbies or some activities they indulge in to the very limit of humancapabilities.

However, in the end, excess and successare all relative. For example, we can indulge into exercising likecrazy and develop a body condition which is more than stunning, withall the muscles being perfectly toned and all other aspects of ourbody gleaming in perfection. Still, during the time we have lostacquiring this state of body, we might have neglected our family, ourfriends, our job and many other things. Thus, from a third person'sperspective, this can either be a success or an excess. A familyperson would consider this to be too high of a price to pay for a merephysical perfection. At the same time a fitness obsessed individualwould claim that this is a sign of true success. Therefore, it is allrelative, depending on the eye of the beholder.

Regardless, we should ask ourselveswhether excess is success or not, in all other walks of life, orwhether this theory depends on the viewpoint no matter what.

Excess, Success or Something Else

We have come to terms with excess andsuccess in the world of fitness and have noticed that it all dependson your own attitude towards it. The best thing would be to lead abalanced life, focusing on making yourself and the people around youhappy and satisfied. If exercising grants you this, do it. If you areunhappy after looking at your perfect body in the mirror, you are notexperiencing success, regardless of your efforts.

The same is with other goals in yourlife. Some people consider walking with a coffee-to-go on their wayto work a sign of success and excess at the same time, being happyand satisfied, feeling that they need nothing more in their lives.However, a person driving a giant luxury car next to our happy walkermay beg to differ, since, even though his car is considered excessiveby many, he/she is still not satisfied and would consider a moreexpensive model a true success. All in all, life is what you make ofit. Just make sure you are happy with what you are doing and achieving becausethis is what success is, regardless of the presence or absence ofexcess in your life.

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