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The rate of aging varies significantly in each person. That is something that all of us know, but it is now scientifically proven. This is especially obvious if one studies a large group of people who are middle aged or older. Differences among them, regarding their appearance and vitality, are usually immense. The impact of the aging process is rather obvious but the complex underlying cause and effect relationships are typically not understood. Aging cannot be stopped but it can be delayed by following a healthy lifestyle. Anti-aging supplements are a great way to win the battle for longevity. The aim of this article is to try to explain how anti-aging supplements may help one to postpone the “grey day”.

The Oxidation Reaction Theory of Aging

According to this theory, aging is simply a disease, caused by free radicals, which occur naturally as a side-product of metabolic processes in the cells. Oxidative stress is, thus, responsible for aging and degeneration of human cells and it is caused by imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or easily repair the resulting damage. The free-radical theory of aging states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. In the process of oxidation, free radical loses one electron and tries to compensate it by stealing another electron by a nearby molecule. In this process nearby cells are destroyed and DNA damage occurs. When free radicals accumulate in the body, the process of aging becomes clearly visible.

The Sub-Optimal Hormone Level Theory of Aging

According to the sub-optimal theory of aging, the aging process results from a lack of certain hormones in our body. As the years go by, hormonal levels are starting to decline and about the same time the effects of aging are becoming clearly visible. The sub-optimal hormonal levels manifest in a series of symptoms, typical for the old age. For example, hormone known as melatonin is used by the body to control sleep cycles. Melatonin levels are normally declining with age and resulting in sleep disturbances in old people. People over the age of 60 usually find it hard fall asleep. Decline in the sex hormones is, on the other hand, responsible for lowering the sex dive and sexual dysfunction.

An Effective Anti-Aging Program

As a conclusion, an effective anti-aging program would include proper diet and adequate lifestyle habits. Regardless of the age, our diet should include as much as possible antioxidants while avoiding oxidant poisons, dangerous food additives and heavily processed food. One should try to relax as often as possible, reducing the stress and managing its effects. A lot of physical exercise and good sleep, combined with nutrient rich diet, will keep the hormonal levels at their optimum and prolong the youth.

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