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Gray hair seems to be a natural agingprocess. When we reach a certain age, later in life, it is normal to grow gray hair. It happens mainly because of thepigmentation cells we have in the root of our hair. The purpose ofthese cells is to apply and produce color pigmentation applied to ourgrowing hair. However, in time, the activity of these cells graduallydecreases and so, the hair we have gets more and more gray untilthere is no color except gray. Medicine claims that there is no wayof reverting or reducing this natural process, but for some people'shair going gray too early, even at puberty or early twenties, theremight be a few things causing this.

One of the reasons for premature grayhair may be thyroid disorder. Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism alongwith Hashimoto and Gray's disease are known causes as well. If we areunable to absorb vitamin B12 whether because of our organism orvegetarianism involving not eating meat, eggs and milk which are richwith this vitamin, we are also prone to losing our hair pigmentationearlier than we are supposed to. Some intestinal diseases includingthose attacking kidneys and tapeworms only add on to the list ofpossible gray hair provokers along with the utterly malign habit ofsmoking.

Although western culture and medicinebelieves that there is nothing that can be done to prevent thisnatural, genetically prescribed, process, some other cultures such asIndian or traditional Chinese have some advices for restoring colorto your hair and all of them come from nature.

Both these cultures connect gray hair,and hair in general, with kidneys and blood, so most of the herbslisted below helps with problems regarding those, possibly resultingin hair color regeneration as well.

According to Indian medicine, there isa plant called “the king of the hair” or, in original bringaraja. Taken orally it is said to mend our liver andkidneys thus having a positive effect on the hair as well.

The Chinese, on the other hand, have alarge variety of plants used for this purpose. A herb called HeShou Wu, meaning “Black Haired Mr. He” has roots in Chineselegends as a plant which is bound to solve hair color problemseasily. Also, chlorophyll, nettles, wheat grass, some sorts ofseaweed, blackstrap molasses and some others have their place inChinese medicine as proved cures for gray hair.

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