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Do You Smoke?

Perhaps you may not be aware of your addiction, but you may be smoking passively at home, at the office or at your favorite place for going out. Namely, passive smoking, researches have shown, equals the dangerous potential of active smoking. Moreover, in some cases, it is even more dangerous. Many people have suffered from different diseases related to tobacco consumption even though they had never lit a single cigarette in their life.

Of course, there are those who believe that second-hand smoke is not real and that all the researches done on the subject are lies. Yet, the reality around us begs to differ since more and more non-smokers get sick from diseases typical for those who smoke on a daily basis. Moreover, this level of health awareness has influenced many public places to ban smoking.

Second-hand smoking can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. Read the lines below in order to realize how this is possible and protect yourself adequately.

Pregnancy and Second-Hand Smoke

Smoking is connected to low birth weight of a child. However, second-hand smoking has the same effect. In fact, 6.5% of women who have preterm deliveries are passive smokers or often exposed to second-hand smoke. Speaking of low birth weight, women who smoke passively increase the chances of their baby suffering from this condition for 5%.

Smoke inhalation of the mother makes it harder for the baby's organs to be fully and adequately developed in the womb. The lungs are developed last. So, if the baby gets exposed to passive smoke too, he/she may end up connected to a breathing apparatus as soon as he/she arrives to this world. There, the baby may get exposed to microorganisms which may trigger infections and other health problems, possibly damaging his/her heart and lungs. Bleeding and scar tissue formation add on to the list of possible risks related to placing your baby on a respirator. If you remind yourself that the baby might only weigh 50% of the ideal weight, you will know that this can only make things worse, all due to your inhalation of second-hand smoke.

All in all, smokers, cease with your unhealthy habit when close to pregnant women. Also, husbands and the rest of the family, restrain yourself from exposing pregnant members of the household to smoke. Naturally, pregnant women should not smoke or be close to any smoking environments.

By not smoking, you are setting a good example to your future children, as well as existing ones. We need to stop with this unhealthy activities until these take their toll on our health and the health of those we love and desire to protect.

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