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The Sensation of Coldness

In this article we are going to talk about the possible reasons why people feel cold all the time, because there are the people who are cold even when it`s sunny and hot outside. Certain causes affect your body to react like that and you don`t know why. Well, we are going to tell you the answer.

Causes of Feeling Cold All the Time

There is a variety of possible causes why you may feel cold all the time. For instance, women are generally more prone to feel cold then men, and less muscular tissue, more fatty deposits and the hormone estrogen are responsible for sensation of coldness in women.

It is very important that you eat healthy. You should avoid eating fast food and try to take the sufficient amount of vitamins and required nutrients, since insufficient amount of them can make you to feel very cold.One more cause of this condition could be due to the hormonal imbalance like pregnancy. This condition causes the excessive level of estrogen in the woman`s body, which results in the feeling of coldness.People who are underweight can also experience chilly sensation after eating, because the blood is then sent to the stomach and reduced in the other parts of the body.There are specific medications that can cause the coldness in the limbs as a side effect, or as a result of the inappropriate medication.Usually people who suffer from thyroid problems may experience the sensation of coldness caused due to the uncontrolled and fast weight gain. Such people should visit a doctor immediately.Although some people experience the sensation of coldness only in their feet and hands, there are also those whose whole body feels cold. If you happen to have a weakened immune system due to some disease, infection or an external process, you may be able to have a cold feeling in your extremities.

Other Causes

Many people feel cold right after they get up from the bed, which can be caused due to the fact that the dinner from the previous night was long time ago, which will result in the change of the body`s temperature and create the sensation of coldness. You can also experience this sensation if you haven`t slept enough. You may get up in the morning after you have slept for just a couple of hours and get the cold symptoms.

In order to prevent yourself from having this condition you should try to eat healthy and also make sure that you get the adequate sleep and rest. Moreover, you should try to wear worm clothes and avoid being in low temperatures for too long.

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