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Feeling cold all the time is a quite uncomfortable condition which prevents those experiencing it from enjoying even the nice breeze. While the people in the surrounding wear light clothes, the people who feel cold constantly always wear some extra clothing. There are several medical conditions that cause the body’s elevated sensitivity towards cold.

Causes of feeling cold all the timeNutritional deficiency is likely to cause the feeling of constant cold and the people who usually skip some meals during a day are most prone to experiencing this condition. Due to the insufficiency of the essential nutrients, the body cannot maintain its warmth, which means that a healthy diet and good eating habits are essential for the maintenance of the normal body temperature.Furthermore, people who are underweight are also among those people who are most susceptible to experience feeling cold persistently. The warmth of the body is greatly provided by the muscles and fat. In the view of this fact, while those who are overweight have the problems with feeling warmth all the time, the underweight people constantly feel cold.Feeling cold all the time is a symptom of the underactive thyroid gland. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a doctor and to do the TSH test in order to check up the levels of this hormone if feeling cold constantly. In cases of underproduction or overproduction of TSH, certain medicines should be used in order to treat the condition since it can lead to many problems within the body.The red blood cells carry oxygen to the different parts of the body. When their number reduces and when they are destroyed more rapidly than they are created, anemia develops. Those people suffering from anemia are much more prone to experience feeling cold all the time.Cold temperature, as well as emotional stress in women from 20 to 40, may cause a condition called Raynaud’s disease, which manifests through the tingling feeling in toes or in fingers. The tingling sensation occurs due to the impaired blood circulation to these parts of the body since an attack triggers the constriction of the blood vessels. Furthermore, it is observed that people with this condition are prone to experience the feeling of cold all the time.The body’s sensitivity to cold increases due to hormonal imbalance and aging. For these reasons, the pregnant women and the women in menopause, as well as the elderly people, usually complain of feeling cold constantly.

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