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Even though whiteheads usually affect one's face, they can also appear on other parts of our bodies, like arms. Basically, whiteheads are skin pores which have been clogged by excessive accumulation of bodily oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin. All these block the pore, causing infection which appears in a form of whiteheads. This condition is milder than acne. However, it can trigger discomfort and pain.

Reasons behind Whiteheads on Arms

Whiteheads appearing on arms can vary in size and discomfort they cause. Either way, they are not a good sign, once these appear on your arms.

The first cause of this skin problem can be inadequate hygiene. Namely, one may not wash his/her body correctly, allowing excessive dead skin cells to accumulate in skin pores. Additionally, this can take place if a person's skin is too dry, again due to improper care. Thus, use toners and moisturizers and keep your skin clean.

Another trigger for whiteheads on arms is the sufferer's way of living. Whatever we eat or consume in any way has a direct impact on our body. Subsequently, inadequate, greasy or spicy food can block our arteries and veins, leading to whiteheads on arms. Also, sedentary life, lack of sleep and other such matters cause our metabolism to be out of balance, which results in hormonal problems. This triggers many different health issues and whiteheads on arms are just a possible sign of one's organism not getting what it needs.

Finally, there is a skin condition which can feature with these recurring phenomena. Keratosis pilaris is the name and it stands for excessive amount of keratin in our hair follicles. This leads to formation of small, painful and irritable nodules on the surface of our skin.

The Solution

Logically, if you wish to get rid of unattractive whiteheads on your arms, you need to deal with the causes mentioned above. Keep the skin clean at all times, using natural body washes which do not dry our or irritate the skin. Additionally, bathe with warm water, using exfoliators to remove dead skin from the surface of your body. If the whiteheads remain persistent, treat them with lotions.

Ultimately, eat healthy and lead a physically active life. However, if keratosis pilaris is behind your problems, seek medical assistance, getting the proper treatment.

All in all, this skin problem is quite treatable, once you re-examine your life and realize that there are healthy changes which you need to introduce, helping you to get rid of whiteheads on arms forever.

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