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Pain in the eye

The skin condition known as whiteheads, is made up of tiny skin bumps that appear on a person’s skin. They are a type of acne, named closed comedones.

As far as the age group is concerned, there is not a distinct one, since whiteheads befall people of all ages. However, the age group that has the most problems in dealing with them are adolescents. Areas of the skin that get most frequently affected by whiteheads include the chin, the forehead and the nose, since these areas are known to be of a more oily nature than most other areas of the body.

Causers to be blamed

This variety of acne appears when our body attempts to battle off bacteria on the skin of one’s face. Also, another common factor that induces whitehead outbreak is the presence of large quantities of sebum (oil-like substance produced by sebaceous glands; responsible for maintaining the skin and the hair), which are known to block the pores of the skin. Once dead cells buildup in those pores, the entire condition deteriorates significantly causing serious consequences – one of them being the breeding of bacteria. In direct response to this, the body sends out white blood cells with the aim of fighting off all the bacteria in the area that is affected. What tends to happen, is the occurrence of inflammation, accompanied by the affected area becoming red in color, ultimately ending in the appearance of whiteheads.

How to free your chin from this menace?

Though many would think that a specific medication or certain solution would help, the secret is that the best and most effective way to defeat whiteheads is by embracing a good skin care regime and sticking to it. This regime should involve:

Face washing with mild face cleansers not more than two times in the course of the day Skin cleansing by means of a skin toner, which removes dirt and shrinks the skin pores Exfoliation twice to three times per week, for the purpose of eliminating dead skin cells Facial steaming Application of ointments with benzoyl peroxide

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