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Characteristics of Aging Skin Spots

Many people experience the appearance of these spots on thesurface of their skin. Usually, this is perceived as a clear sign of aging dueto a number of years one has behind his or her existence. However, this is usuallynot the case since there are numerous people who do not experience thiscondition once they grow old. This is due to the fact that the main culpritbehind aging skin spots is not aging but excessive sun exposure. Namely, everytime we get too much sun, our skin produces melanin, a substance capable ofprotecting it from harmful, ultraviolet rays. In return, we tan and thus aremore protected. In time, however, these melanin discharges remain present onthe outer layers of our skin, resulting in these aging spots. Thus, people whotan more, or have a darker complexion are more prone to developing aging skinspots than people who are more fair and tend to have paler skin throughouttheir lives.

What Can Be Done Medically?

The first thing you may do is pay your dermatologist avisit. After consulting with him or her, you will be examined and givenadequate topical medications which will reverse the aging process of your skinby making it more elastic. These will improve the texture and pigmentation ofyour skin as well. Therefore, simply by using adequate skin products, you arebound to do away with these unpleasant aging skin spots.

Alternatively, you might want to take part in a laser orchemical treatment. The first involves removing outer layers of your skin by usinglasers, while, the latter does the same by the means of specific chemical usage.The troublesome skin layer will be removed and, therefore, all the aging spotswill disappear with it.

What May You Do Yourself?

First of all, you need to take good care of your skin. Thiscan be achieved through keeping it moisturized. Dehydration leads to skinproblems. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water and apply non-alcoholicmoisturizers topically, on the troublesome spots. Also, whenever exposed to sunrays, wear sunscreen and other means of adequate protection. Wear long sleeves,hats and sunglasses. Avoid sun from 10am to 3pm, since this time span producesmost of the ultraviolet rays. Finally, eat healthy and lead an active life,doing exercises, sports or any other form of advanced physical activityregularly. Also, natural is always the best. That being said, use only naturalproducts for healthy skin.

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