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White hair causes

Facts about Our Hair Color

There are several different hair colors the people all around the world may have. Red (orange), black, yellow (blond), and brown are just some of the main shades. The color of one's hair greatly depends upon his or her pigments. On the other hand, pigments themselves often depend upon a person's origin. Thus, people of African descent have black hair, Europeans and white-skinned people usually have brown, red, black or blond, while Asian people possess brown or black colored hair. Also, depending on the origin of the person, his or her hair may change pigmentation and start getting more and more gray during different periods of life. For example, people of African origin tend to grow gray hair during their forties, while white people and Asian people experience this in their thirties. Nevertheless, this hair discoloration may take place before it is supposed to happen. Then, it is most probably caused by some underlying health conditions.

Reasons Behind White or Gray Hair

First of all, this hair discoloration is a normal process of human aging. As we grow older our hair cells produce less and less melanin, which is the pigment giving our hair color. Eventually melanin production ceases completely and our hair turns gray. The period of this metamorphosis varies with each individual, as it can be inherited by family, origin and other different factors.

As mentioned above, genetics play an important role once it comes to gray hair onset. Some may have genetic anomalies which may cause them to be born without pigmentation. These people are called albinos. In addition, if early graying of hair is common in your family, you might be struck by it as well.

Alternatively, vitamin deficiencies or gland disorders may be behind this phenomenon too. On the other hand, very often, stress is the main cause of premature appearance of gray hair. Thus, people who are exposed to stressful situations may easily be affected by them, resulting in gray hair growing on their heads. Anxiety and excessive mental strain affect melanin production. Thereby, there is a high likelihood that hair discoloration of this type will affect people under stress or people suffering from anxiety disorders.

Finally, people who suffer from pernicious anemia are unable to absorb vitamin B12 properly. This vitamin is crucial for proper hair pigmentation, and its deficiency easily leads to premature gray hair.

Therefore, people who start experiencing gray hair, need to examine their lifestyles and check their health status. If something is causing this premature condition, they need proper diagnosis and, subsequently, proper treatment.

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