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How hair turns to grey

There is not really any medical or scientific evidence that any of cosmetic products, herb, medicaments, supplement or diet have any effect or ability to reverse or reduce gray hair. Grey hair is regarded as natures and biological normal process same as aging. Bit there may be some other underlying conditions besides old age and genetics that may influence process and may cause premature occurrence of gray hair.

Firstly to explain how hair gets to be gray. Pigment cells of melanin are the ones that are responsible to our hair color and the do they in our hair follicles. As years pass by the body production of pigment melanin grows to halt causing the new hair that grows to be without pigment or color, meaning grey or white.

Every one of us has genetic trigger when melamine production is stopped, but there are some other factors that can speed up this occurrence. Those other factors may be early menopause, thyroid disorders (diseases like Grave’s, Hashimoto, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism), Vitiligo (condition when your skin loses melanocytes, resulting in prematurely grey hair and pale patches on the skin), smoking, vitamin B12 deficiency (disorder called anemia, and it may happen due to a diet without eggs, milk or meat or due to stomach or intestine surgery when part of intestines is removed – stomach absorbs vitamin B12).

If you successfully manage and keep under control any of those conditions, you may succeed in prevention of your hair going grey prematurely. Besides addressing any of those possible conditions that may be the cause of prematurely grey hair occurrence there are also some ancient approaches that you may wish to try.

Ayurveda – traditional ancient Indian medicine

In traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda, prematurely grey hair is considered as dysbalances between vata and pitta, and this dysbalances may be triggered by stress. Remedies used in Ayurveda approach is diet and herbs. One of the herbs used for gray hair are bringaraja, or “king of the hair” in translation. It may be in shape of food, hair oils and tonics and it is good for kidneys and liver too.

Other Ayurveda herb is called amia, and besides problems with prematurely gray hair, it is also used for inflammatory conditions and eyes improvement. Problem is that any of those herbs are not really medically tested, and any potential bad side effects are unknown.

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM treatments

In case of TCK, hair and color of it depend and reflects blood quality and kidney strength of individual. TCM attributes much greater importance to kidney and blood the Western medicine does. Some of the recommended kinds of food for grey hair problems according to TCM are Nettles, Chlorophyll, Wheat grass, Black sesame seed, Hijiki seaweed, Blackstrap molasses, etc.

You should not consume larger amounts of those types of food because of possible negative side effects. Also food to avoid according to TCM are diary, meat and salt.

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