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It is obvious that we are animals, made of flesh and bonesand unfortunately, those are materials that have their duration period. Forsome it is longer, for some shorter, but it is obvious that the same finishawaits us all. And of course, there are signs that constantly remind us of thatfact. Gray hair is one of those.

The grays

Gray hair is something that happens to all of us, sooner orlater. The causes of gray hair are numerous but the most important one and the one that alsodetermines the period of life in which grays will occur is hereditary, genetic factor. Ona biological level, gray hair is caused because of the lack of specific type ofcells, called melanocytes, which are actually coloring the hair (which is done withthe help of melanin, natural color). When secretion of melanin is decreased, orstopped completely, hair loses color and becomes gray.

But this is just one of the causes of the gray hair.Actually, there are some others that may, unfortunately, speed up the process ofhair turning gray. For example, if there is not enough of certain vitamins(such as vitamin B12) and certain substances, like omega-3, gray hair comesfaster. Also, some medical experts say that constant consummation of certainfood types and drinks might cause this problem too. We are talking about coffeeand even tea (both contain caffeine). Caffeine is obviously one of thesubstances that have a negative effect on the hair color, making it gray. Also, the use of cigarettes and certain body products might initiate faster loss of hair color.Cigarettes indirectly decrease the amount of oxygen in the organism, while bodyand hair products can damage the hair in a direct contact with it. There are also some less common causes of gray hair, such astoo much stress in life and also some medical conditions.

Eliminating the grays

What would be a gray hair solution? Well, the most practicaland easy way out is with the use of the hair dye. Although it has to berepeated from time to time, there are literally dozens and dozens of hair dyesto look through and surely a right color can be found. This is one thing, theeasier one. There is also a harder one, and that is a healthy living, which wouldexclude all the things that are causing the hair to turn gray and enhanceall things that contribute to maintaining a healthy and colored hair.

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