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The Onset of Gray Hair

This phenomenon is likely to strike us all, sooner or later. Namely, gray hair comes with age, even though it can come much earlier, triggered by numerous factors. Being connected with getting mature, or even old, it carries a certain social and psychological connotation. Once your hair turns gray, people start treating you with respect, politeness and all the other things going hand-in-hand with being an older individual. However, not all of us want to retire when our hair starts graying in our 40s. Rather, there are people who desire to understand this phenomenon better, so that they can deal with it quickly and effectively.

Reasons behind Gray Hair

First of all, as it was mentioned above, aging is the main cause of the graying of the hair. After a specific number of years, our body stops producing the pigment which provides color to our hair. During this gradual process, strands of our hair are likely to turn gray or white. Later, most of our hair will look this way. Gray hair is usually a part of melanin depletion process. Final stage, where our hair lacks melanin completely is when it turns white.

The changes in our hair, besides those related to color are quite a few. The very texture of the hair we have becomes coarser and drier. It all starts at our temples, most of the time, where the first gray hair is most likely to appear. Later, it spreads all over the scalp, possibly resulting in a hair loss or other hair problems, commonly connected to aging as well.

Since genetics, stress and many other factors may influence the onset of grays on your scalp, you might see your first hair discoloration while still in your 20s. Usually, however, the first signs of aging, as far as the hair is considered, take place after the year of 30 with men and 35 with women. Still, if early graying of hair is common in your family, there are great chances that you will be affected as well.

All in all, graying of the hair, in its right time, is a normal sign of aging. It brings its own beauty and this new hairstyle is bound to change you as well. If you happen to be against it, you can always opt for dyeing of your hair and restoring your lost youth a bit. However, this is all futile since aging will be visible on your skin, bones, teeth and many other aspects of your body. Therefore, deal with it and enjoy it.

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