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Grey hair is a symbol of aging. Therefore, whenever a person has this type of hair, he/she is considered to be old or in his senior years. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, since there are numerous factors which can contribute to graying of one's hair, even at young age.

Causes behind Gray Hair

Basically, we are what we eat and how we live. So, proper nutrition is crucial for preventing gray hair and, whenever this phenomenon starts appearing, you should look further into it. On the other hand, numerous other factors may lead to gray hair. For example, over-exposure to stress in your life can lead to your hair turning gray prematurely. Also, this condition may be connected with your genetics, especially if early gray hair is common in your family. Nevertheless, sorrow, frustrations, nervousness and negative emotions in general are capable of inhibiting the production of melanin, which is a pigment giving our hair its natural color, leading to graying due to stress. Yet, if your hair turns gray and you are older than 50, this is considered to be normal and natural, therefore, you should not worry about it. In other cases, however, make sure you seek medical opinion on the phenomenon affecting your hair prematurely.

Other causes of graying of the hair are washing it with hot water commonly, lacking certain nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, iodine and copper. Additionally, using aggressive cosmetic products such as hair dyes and strong treatments as well as electric devices for maintaining hair, all can lead to premature graying of the hair.

Preventing Gray Hair

Now that you know the causes, you may work on preventive measures. First of all, improve your diet. Consume food rich in vitamin B and minerals. You can find all these in green, leafy vegetables. Additionally, you should pay attention to your hair hygiene, washing it regularly and keeping it healthy by using conditioners and shampoos which are specifically designed for your hair and scalp type, being gentle, yet effective. Also, you may want to use curry leaves for strengthening your hair and making it healthier.

Avoid using dying shampoos or blackening shampoos and similar products. These have numerous side-effects you do not wish to experience. On the other hand, natural remedies have no adverse effects and are highly recommended. Therefore, seek nothing but natural treatments for your graying hair and counter the effect in a healthy, effective manner.

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