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As is well known, milk is very first food that human takes after coming into the world. It is the one of the most important components of the proper development of every mammal, among others humans of course.

Today, in food industry could be found a lot of different kinds of milk, starting with different biological origin-cow milk, soya milk, goat milk, sheep milk…Afterwards , with development of food industry, could be found different milk flavors-chocolate milk, vanilla milk…and of course milk derivatives such as cheese, yogurt, cream, sour cream..

Regardless of all healthy sides of milk, it contains a lot of different kind of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause a lot of issues, both good and bad. Good ones are considered with making a milk derivatives , and bad could bring about a lot of welfare issue.

How to well treat milk

The most common way to treat milk well, and to avoid all bad things can happen, is to use the well known process called pasteurize. The scientist that found a solution of keeping milk in good condition, avoiding the bad bacteria and microorganisms, was well known French chemist and microbiologist Lois Pasteur.

Pasteurizing is the process of boiling milk on the high temperature so that microorganisms that cause diseases could disappear.

The best thing about pasteurizing is that everybody can do it by they own in they own homes. All thing should be done is to put milk in a pot and boil it on the temperature of 145 degrees for an half an hour. The boiling milk should be cool down so it could be put into a refrigerator afterwards.

Of course, one note, the milk should not be boiled or pasteurize if it is already being done. Today in every market pasteurize milk can be bought.

Pasteurizing is the process must be done if the milk is raw and just came from the donor-cow, goat, sheep…

And very important thing to say is that pasteurizing is not harmful for a nutritional values of milk. With this process people can found only well and healthy milk with all ingredients that helps human benignity.

However, there is always could be a problem with some exceptional sensitivity or allergies on some milk ingredient. The most common is intolerance to lactose. Sometimes people speculate about the fact that pasteurizing can induce such changes in structure of milk, and such change structure milk can trigger of the lactose intolerance.

Fortunately, this is not the case. The nutrition scientist had found that pasteurizing brings only good.

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