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Almond milktraits

Almond milk has a consistency similar to that of cream, and can be found in a plethoraof foods and drinks such as ice cream. Due to the fact it can be produced in thesame location as other nuts it is advised to be careful, as nut allergy is arelatively common occurrence.

Almond drinkconsists of water and almonds, which technically does not make it a dairyproduct at all. After a lengthy procedure that involves soaking the almonds inwater for several hours, draining and mixing them with water, straining inorder to remove the granules and the skin and merging with dates to add sweetness, thismilk like liquid is finally prepared for sale at stores. It can also be homemade.

Lactoseintolerance and dairy allergy

Lactoseintolerance involves a lack of lactose within the body, and is usuallyidentified by discomfort, gas and bloating. An allergic reaction to dairy is a differentmatter altogether, involving severe diarrhea, swelling, hives, irritability,bloody stool and even anaphylaxis. Both milk allergy and lactose intolerancecan be a reason to consume almond milk instead of normal milk. Therefore, thistype of drink functions as a dairy replacement, but it also carries other benefits.

Almond Milkvs. Dairy

Dairy isusually ingested with the aim of fulfilling the daily need for calcium, and forthis reason a supplement or a replacement must match or surpass the calciumlevels of milk to be an effective substitute. Almond Breeze Original Sweetenedmilk, a type of Almond Milk, fulfills 30 percent of the average persons calciumneeds per cup, while 2 percent reduced fat milk fulfills 29 percent, making theAlmond option slightly more beneficial in this regards. Almond milks areusually infused with vitamin D, as the consumption of milks that hold 25percent of the daily amount of vitamin D is recommended. The mentioned Almond Breeze milk holds 25percent, meaning it performs well in regards to said recommendation. However,when it comes to Vitamin E, Almond Milk, in this case Almond Breeze leads theway with each cup holding 125 percent of the value needed per day, comparing tonone in reduced fat milk. A cup of Almond Breeze Milk holds a much lesser amountof fat than the same amount of unprocessed almonds – 2.5 grams compared to 47grams. Conversely, the 2 percent reducedfat milk has 5 grams of fat, and also holds 5 grams more sugar than the almondmilk as it holds lactose carbohydrate.

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