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Information on Goat Milk

Goat milk is characterized by a slightly sweet undertonewhich may also sometimes be salty. It is one of the most popular types of milkeverywhere around the world. It is not that popular in the United States but itstill can be purchased in various stores throughout the entire tear. Goat milkdoes not have to be homogenized as is the case with cow’s milk. This is mainlydue to the fact that the globules in goat’s milk are very small and they alwaysremain suspended in the solution. Goat’s milk is an excellent alternative forall those who are sensitive to cow’s milk.

Health Benefits

The main health benefits of goat’s milk are derived from thefact that it is an excellent source of calcium and a certain type of amino acidwhich is referred to as tryptophan. Besides these, goat’s milk is also hampacked with potassium, vitamin B2, phosphorus and various proteins. There arecertain proteins in cow’s milk which can be held responsible for building up intoleranceand sometimes even allergic reactions, but those cannot be found in goat’smilk. There are numerous scientific studies yet to be conducted in order toconfirm such facts. Certain other scientific studies have confirmed that goat’smilk contains abundant amounts of certain types of anti inflammatory compounds.These are referred to as oligosaccharides and they are responsible for makingit easier to digest the milk, especially in those who suffer from compromisedfunctioning of the intestines. Goat’smilk may also be of great help when it comes to enhancing the metabolism ofcopper and iron and also the absorption of these important minerals. There area large number of people who suffer from allergy to cow’s milk because theyalso suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, asthma and recurrent earinfections. An alternative which may come in very handy in reducing suchsymptoms is goat’s milk. It can also be used as a milk alternative for infants.


Calcium is an essential mineral which is of utmostimportance for the density, strength, health and development of bones andteeth. Calcium phosphate, which is comprised of calcium and phosphorus, is themain component of proper bone structure. Each cup of goat’s milk contains 27percent of the RDA for phosphorus and 32.6 percent of the RDA for calcium.Calcium is also very important for the proper functioning of various otherorgans as well.

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