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Irresponsible usage of lactase may lead to the development of certain side effects which following text will focus on, along with the benefits associated with this enzyme. This beta-galactosidase enzyme family is produced by the body naturally and the small intestine's border membrane is where it is mostly found. The digestive lactose hydrolysis is done by the digestive system and lactase helps this process, but there is a possibility that milk digestion and milk products are impaired, and this happens when the lactase enzyme production is not proper and the level of this enzymes is lower than normal. The quantity of lactase production is different in every human being. Lactose intolerance is the name used for the lactose insufficiency. Elimination of this problem is done with the help from lactase supplements that are, unfortunately, also associated with some side effects.


Proper lactose digestion is the main benefit connected with the lactase. The lactose intolerance can be avoided with lactase enzymes, which prevent diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and bloating - the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Several degrees of lactose intolerance are possible. The primary stage of lactose deficiency may not even produce symptoms, and it needs certain amount of time to develop. But celiac disease, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome and several other diseases may occur due to the second stage of the lactose intolerance. During this stage, the intestines suffer certain impairment. Apart from the symptoms associated with the lactose intolerance, the lactase supplements are used for irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, heartburn and indigestion. Best results will be developed if milk products are consumed along with the lactase supplements.

Side Effects

Side effect caused by lactase can be prevented by following simple advice given by your doctor. Lactase enzymes can react with certain medications and conditions, so see a doctor before you start to use such supplements. This not only goes for those who are taking non-prescribed medications, vitamin supplements, dietary supplements allopathic medications or herbal medications, but also for those who had a surgery recently or are allergic to certain food or medications. Consultations with the doctor prior to use of lactase supplements is advised for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, since this can help you avoid possible problems such as bloating, nausea, constipation, vomiting, stomach cramps, chest tightening, breathing problems, tingling sensation on the mouth and face area, skin rash, itching and hives.

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