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What Do We Actually Eat?

Even though many people throw away any conspiracy theories and similar beliefs as groundless, we are still bound to notice the difference between natural and processed food. Thus, those who eat meat and drink milk often will surely notice the difference between natural milk gained directly from a cow, goat or other sources and the refined cardboard box full of milk which was deprived of almost all of its nutrients. The same goes for meat, fruits and vegetables. In fact, all of the products we consume are influenced by different chemicals which speed up the growth of food and the productivity of the whole food industry, providing products in the least possible timespan. Therefore, quantity triumphs over quality, and we eat the products of this equation, facing the consequences sooner or later. On of the most dangerous, frequently banned food additives is the growth hormone. Nevertheless, it is still present and allowed to be added in many countries. Moreover, cattle is injected with this hormone in order to produce more food harvested, and grow faster in order to become food themselves. Read on to learn more about the ruthless human food industry and think carefully whenever you enter a supermarket in the future.

Food and Growth Hormones

As far as the milk industry is concerned, since 1993, most of the cows in the US are injected with a hormone called bovine Somatotrophin. This hormone increases milk productivity. However, it is also found in the harvested milk, being completely legal for use, regardless of this fact.

The same goes for beef meat industry where six different types of hormone growth promotants are being used regularly since 1956. These hormones are found in the meat the US people have been consuming ever since. What is more, veal production industry also uses these hormones in their line of work regularly. What is worse, the quantities are unknown and so is the actual effect of the hormones on the calves, let alone the people who consume the meat afterwards.

Canada and the European Union forbid the usage of these hormones in milk. However, while EU still bans even the growth hormones, US and Canada use these as well.

Supposedly, these hormones involved in food production make the lives of consumers easier, since we pay less for food, since it causes producers less money, since they feet the animals less. Still, common sense will tell you to think better and focus on the ethics behind it. Not only are the animals affected by this whole process, as if killing and eating them in monstrous proportions is not enough, but so are we and our organisms. In the end, we invented money, expenses and the whole food production system. There is no one else to blame for the current situation but us.

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