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Enzymes and their significance

Inside the human body numerous chemical reactions occur and they depend on the enzymes. So, proper intake of enzymes, according to some, may prevent and treat issues like heart diseases, arthritis symptoms and control the blood sugar levels among diabetics. It will also stimulate detoxification, elimination and digestion. The following text will talk about the connection between aging and proper intake of enzymes. These proteins work as catalysts, attaching to the substance and changing its structure. Enzymes are crucial for every chemical reaction in the body because nothing would work inside the body, while hormones, vitamins and many other substances would be of no use for us. Food, metabolic and digestive enzymes are two classes of enzymes.

The digestive enzymes come in three types and they are proteases (which are responsible for protein digestion), lipases (which are responsible for fat digestion) and amylases (which are responsible for the carbohydrate digestion). When we eat, digestive enzymes will work and break down the food we have just eaten. But we have to make this process easier and use less enzymes for the breakdown of food, which can be done with proper chewing of the food. We have to make the food as smaller as possible and this will help the nutrient absorption. All of this will result in the nutrients present in the bloodstream providing the whole body with them. Heat can destroy enzymes, more precisely, everything over 116 degrees of Fahrenheit. This will result in more time for the absorption of the nutrients by the digestive tract and the prior digestion of the cooked food. Pancreas will take the fall for this problem because it will have to call metabolic enzymes to help and work as digestive enzymes.

So, you will have less metabolic enzymes in you system and the pancreas will suffer great stress. You have seen at the start of the article that a proper intake of enzymes can help with many problems such as diabetes and heart problems, but it can also promote detoxification and digestion. Some studies even say that enzymes play important factor in the fight against cancer, so you can see how important they are.

Several Enzymes Mentioned

We will mention a few enzymes and the first on the list is cytochrome oxidase, which is responsible for the production of the energy in the cell mitochondria. The DNA molecule can be corrected with the P4D1, which is another enzyme. A protein that acts as a guard for the cancer cells can be destroyed by this enzyme and this will promote attack of the white blood cell on the cancer cells. The last enzyme is very efficient fat digester and it is lipase. The fat would gather a lot more in the arteries and organs if there were deficiencies of this enzyme in our system.

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