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Digestive enzymes – overall facts

Given the fact that there is just an enormous number of the digestive enzymes supplements out there, it is often quite difficult to choose the right one, which would benefit your body’s digestive system and satisfy all its needs appropriately. One of the ways to make the entire matter less complicated is to mind well what you eat for your meals and pay close attention to how you and your body react to the particular variety of food. Next step is to make a sort of a memo and keep record of all the days that you felt either uneasy and queasy due to eating a specific type and amount of food, or days you felt ill altogether. This way you will be able to determine exactly what your body feels uncomfortable with and thus find the proper digestive enzyme supplement more easily.

Digestive enzymes under the microscope

Amylase is held responsible for the processes aimed at carbohydrates digestion. This particular enzyme is the one that has the ability and whose primary function is to break starch down into sugar. As far as its location is concerned, it is encountered in the saliva, which is where chemical digestion process starts. Another source of this enzyme is pancreas, which breaks down dietary starch into di- and trisaccharides. These get transformed by other enzymes into glucose and provide our bodies with the needed energy.Betaine is the enzyme known to be the one that digests fats and proteins. One of its most important forms is the Betaine hydrochloride, which represents betaine’s acidic form, which can be found in grains and other food varieties as well. The acidic form of the Betaine is, due to its potentials, recommended as an extremely rich source of hydrochloric acid, especially for those having issues with the production of the stomach acid or hypochlorhydria.Bromelain belongs to the group of proteolytic enzymes. Considered to be the richest of sources of this enzyme is raw pineapple. This enzyme is especially helpful and effective when it comes to digestion of the food abundant in proteins. It boosts overall digestion by increasing the overall effect of all the digestive enzymes, especially trypsin and pepin.Lipase is the enzyme known to be vital for the successful breaking down of lipids, i.e. fats and nutrients digestion in the intestines. This enzyme is special because it is the one most effective in breaking down the fats, triglycerides to be more specific, which are fatty substances originating from the fat coming from a person’s regular diet.

Other most beneficial enzymes include such as ox bile extract, pancreatin, papain, pepsin and protease.

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