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Human Growth Hormone and Sleeping

We are all aware of the necessity ofsleeping for proper functioning. Moreover, we know thatunless we sleep for at least 8 hours each night, we are bound to feelthe negative effects of this deprivation on our own body.

This is completely true and haseverything to do with our human growth hormone production. Namely weproduce HGH mostly during sleep. Therefore, in order to have enoughof it in our system, we need enough sleep. So, 8 hours is theminimum. Everything below that will result in less HGH in ourorganism.

Subsequently, since this hormone makesus look younger, be healthier and feel more lively, less amounts ofit will cause a completely opposite effect. If we take intoconsideration that our HGH production naturally decreases as we crossour 25th year of age, being only a quarter of its formerconcentration after our 50th birthday, we need to preserveand stimulate production of as much HGH as we possibly can.

Men tend to depend more on HGH, therebylosing it more during the course of aging. Also, anxiety andfrustration they endure daily also influence the production of thishormone negatively, decreasing it and speeding up one's aging andphysical deterioration due to lack of our body's regenerative powers.

All in all, we are to stop worryingabout trivial things, relax, eliminate stress and have enough sleep, if we are tostay young and healthy for as long as possible.

Produce More HGH

One of the greatest methods of keepingyourself sleeping deeply is to imagine a guardian next to your bed,keeping you safe and sound during your sleep. This works for manypeople out there, and it might work for you too.

Next, meditation and/or yoga can helpyou relax after a hard day, replenishing your energy and helping you cope withdaily stress with far more success. Thus, indulge into theseactivities or add some of your own, as long as they have such apositive effect on your mental well-being.

Finally, eliminate all things whichprevent you from sleeping peacefully. Usually, these are someproblems you might be facing at a specific moment. Thus, make a listof them and deal with them constructively, never leaving them behindsince these will keep you up through many nights, depleting your HGHproduction.

So, deep sleep means more humangrowth hormone and more HGH means more youth and health. The equationis simple, the calculations are easy to make and the result is morethan satisfactory.

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