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Sleeping is a Must

Proper and sufficient sleep cannot beemphasized enough. It is one of many different things our body needsfor functioning properly. Subsequently, once we deprive our body ofproper sleep, it is bound to trigger many different health-relatedproblems in our life. There are many people who are experiencingnumerous sleeping deficiency problems for many different reasons.However, the more one's body seems to lack sleep, the greater is thenegative effect of this deficiency on this person's life and overallwell being. Sleeping deprivation has several main effects upon us,focusing on various aspects of our body.

What Causes Sleeping Deprivation?

As far as reasons behind our lack ofsleep are concerned, there can be several different culprits. Firstof all, one may be suffering from insomnia, having problems sleepingat all and experiencing many difficulties due to this fact. On theother hand, a person might lead a life which prevents him/her fromsleeping enough due to many obligations and a hectic lifestyle ingeneral. Generally, people sleep less and less as they grow older.Therefore, they are bound to have more and more problems related tothis phenomenon. Additionally, certain illnesses, malnutrition andseveral other things may trigger sleeping deprivation and, thereby,all the negative effects it delivers upon one's body and mind.

Negative Effects of SleepingDeprivation

One of many different organs which areaffected by our lack of sleep is brain. If we do not sleep enoughduring a longer period of time, we are likely to experience negativechanges in our cognitive processes. Namely, our memory will be worse,we will forget more things and be unable to preserve any newinformation successfully, resulting in a decrease in our overallmental performance. In the long run, this deprivation may causedepression, Alzheimer's diseases or even schizophrenia and permanentbrain damage.

As for our body in general, lack ofsleep decreases our hand-eye coordination. Therefore, we are bound toperform physical actions as if we were slightly intoxicated. Also,not sleeping enough for a longer period of time can result in yougaining weight due to the hormonal imbalances which cause you to feelhunger, all because of your sleeping deprivation.

Students ofter exchange night for daybecause they usually study during these periods. After a prolongedperiod of this unhealthy practice and sleep deprivation in general,their body often becomes exhausted and they themselves prone toseizures, heart attacks and strokes. We need to sleep in order tolearn things, since our brain organizes stored data even while we aresleeping.

Other than the above mentionedside-effects, one may experience hypertension, vision issues, mentalproblems and social issues in general. Moreover, a person's immunesystem deteriorates due to the lack of sleep in his/her life. All inall, at least 8 hours of sleep is a must and it is a fact not to beneglected.

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