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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

We need proper and adequate sleep eachnight. This means that we need to sleep well for about 8 hours eachnight. Usually, however, average, working human individual sleeps forabout 4-6 hours, which is hardly enough.

This kind of sleep deprivation triggersmany negative changes in our body. Then, we are bound to look older,feel nervous and become irritable. Also, we undergo many behavioralchanges, most of which are negative, disallowing us fromconcentrating onto our daily obligations properly, living life in aninappropriate way.

Sleep deficiency causes depression,anxiety and aggressive behavior. Moreover, it is known to result inimmunity deficiency and concentration issues. In the long run, it maybe a direct cause of strokes, heart attacks and even infertility.

Lack of proper sleep influences ourlikelihood to be fertile, thereby decreasing our chances ofconception.

Sleeping and Fertility

In order to be fertile, we need manydifferent energy sources from our body to be high and properlyfunctioning. Therefore, we need sleep since it regenerates our energyand our body as a whole. Constant lack of sleep can causedeficiencies in all areas necessary for being fertile, affecting usseverely.

It is all connected to our body,sleeping and the time of the day/night. Namely, once it gets dark,our inbuilt mechanisms in the body start being active, preparing usfor sleep. Specific hormone production is triggered and our bodytemperature is changed, our appetite is affected and our immunesystem is modified.

As a result, when we go to sleep assoon as we feel tired, our body, magically, starts regenerating.Moreover, hormones act like antioxidants, preventing cancer andkeeping us healthy. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg whenit comes to sleeping benefits. Upon the production of this hormone,melatonin, we are relieved of stress and our fertility hormones rise.

This is where all the secrets lie. Thishormone reaches its peak, as far as concentration and the overalleffect is considered at 9pm. Therefore, this is ideal time forsleeping. Even though you are not able to sleep at this hour at alltimes, you may consider this when you are trying to have a baby. Yourchances of success in this respect will be significantly increased.Think about it, take it into consideration and never neglect thehealthy benefits of sleeping.

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