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Fatigue General Characteristics

Fatigue is defined as a feelling of the physical or mental tiredness or exhaustion. People experiencing fatigue have low level of energy and simply cannot function normally. In extreme cases fatigue affects even the simplest activities such as walking. It may be a normal consequence of numerous strenuous activities or a symptom of many medical conditions.

Fatigue may be classified as physical or mental. Physical fatigue is actually muscle weakness. It may occur in numerous muscular disorders and other diseases. In some people only one group of muscles is weak while others suffer from general weakness of muscles. Mental fatigue may reduce the level of attention and in extreme cases it leads to somnolence, which is a strong desire for sleep.

Fatigue is quite common feeling in children. Once it has been reported by a child or if parents notice lack of energy and increased sleepiness they are supposed to take their child to pediatrician so that the exact cause of tiredness can be found and the child treated properly.

Causes of Fatigue in Children

One of the potential causes of fatigue in children is lack of nutrition. Inadequate intake of nutrients which provide with proper energy, as well as vitamin and/ or mineral deficiency commonly leads to fatigue. Low levels of energy have been reported in children whose diet is not balanced enough. If this is the cause of fatigue, parents are supposed to change the child's diet, increase the intake of vitamins and minerals and to consult pediatrician about the best methods of making changes. Apart from adequate diet the child is supposed to drink plenty of fluids.

Anemia is another cause of fatigue in children. Anemic children suffer from low level of oxygen which eventually leads to weakness and exhaustion. Insufficient intake of iron, B12 or folic acid may be lead to anemia in children and the doctor will advise parents how to increased intake of all the ingredients necessary for proper production of red blood cells.

In some children fatigue occurs due to their inactivity. Each and every child requires proper exercise and regular physical activity.

Stress may be another cause of fatigue in children. Stress can cause depression and depression is always accompanied by fatigue. Parents are supposed to help the child to overcome obstacles and to deal with everyday problems.

And finally, lack of sleep is definitely responsible for fatigue. Many children do not sleep enough because they spends long hours in front of computer or television and do not go to bed at proper time. Parents need to set certain rules and make the child go to sleep at certain time so that he/ she may sleep long enough to maintain adequate energy level.

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