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There are several hypotheses which have been formed about what may be the cause or causes of endometriosis. Unfortunately, there have been no documented or scientifically proven which can fully explain what causes endometriosis or which can explain the mechanism of action associated with the disease. The causes of endometriosis continue to baffle and confound scientific researchers and the exact causes are unknown. Several theories have been discovered a variety of different factors which could lead to endometriosis, which includes the follow:

Metaplasia: this is the change of normal tissue to an abnormal form. Retrograde menstruation: tissue flows backwards through the fallopian tubes instead of exiting the body, however there is very little to support these findings. Genetic predisposition: women that have other female family members suffering from endometriosis have a higher chance of developing the disease. Lymphatic or vascular distribution: endometriosis fibers may travel through the blood vessels of the lymphatic system to other parts of the body, which could explain how the disease develops in other distal locations throughout the body. Immune system dysfunction Environmental influences

The most common time for a woman to be diagnosed with endometriosis is when experiencing a difficult when trying to conceive. After a laparoscopic surgical procedure and examination, a doctor can determine if endometriosis is the culprit behind an inability to conceive. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made a woman can further discuss the disease with a medical professional and determine the best course of action for treatment. Science is not sure what causes endometriosis in women, but are further researching the disease in order to find out more information.

When trying to conceive and suffering from endometriosis, it does pay for a woman to become educated and informed about the disease in order to play a vital role in her treatment. While some women have no symptoms when suffering from endometriosis, there are others that will feel moderate to severe pain to which there can be little to no relief. While what causes endometriosis is unknown, there are constant advancements being made in the field of gynecology which can improve the quality of life for a female with the condition. Endometriosis does not have to spell the end of fertility and crush the dreams of parenthood for a woman and exploring all the options and methods available for treatment will ensure the female gets the best care possible and is able to maintain fertility.

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