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When a woman is experiencing endometriosis, it can either be moderate, somewhere in the middle or severe. When suffering from endometriosis, endometrial tissue becomes located at other areas outside the body on different organs and can irritate surrounding tissues.

Trapped blood from the menstrual cycle can lead a woman to experience cysts, adhesions and scar tissue. It is because of these things that a woman can endure severe pelvic pain and can lead to fertility impairment. Severe endometriosis treatment can consist of many different options and is something a woman needs to discuss with a medical professional. Some treatment options to consider are medications and surgery, which method is prescribed can only be determined by a doctor.

Treatment for severe endometriosis will depend on how bad the tissue has become, signs and symptoms and whether or not the woman hopes to become pregnant. Most doctors will recommend the least invasive treatment approach when a woman is trying to preserve fertility and surgery will be the last possible option considered in most cases. Most doctors will recommend a woman takes an over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease pelvic pain. However, with severe pain a woman may need to consider other options to manage the signs and symptoms of endometriosis. Supplementing hormones can be effective at eliminating or reducing endometrial pain because of bringing down levels of estrogen which may fuel excessive bleeding. Drugs like Danazol, Depo-Provera, hormonal birth control pills and aromatase inhibitors can be used to treat severe endometriosis. Hormonal therapies however are not a permanent solution for endometriosis and it possible for a woman to experience a recurrence of symptoms once treatment stops.

For more advanced endometriosis, more extreme forms of treatment may need to be explored. If a woman has severe endometriosis and wants to become pregnant, surgery to remove endometrial implants may be necessary to increase the chances of conception. Severe endometriosis treatment which includes surgery can also reduce severe pain. Surgery can remove cysts, endometrial patches, adhesions and scar tissue without removing the reproductive organs of the female. Treatment for severe endometriosis can include a variety of different options, and a woman should always consult with a medical professional in order to determine the best course of action. In severe cases of endometriosis, treatment can include a hysterectomy if symptoms or pain are horrific and affect the quality of life for a female. The best course of treatment will be determined after careful consideration and finding the least invasive and successful way in which to manage the disease.

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