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One of the most common reasons behind female infertility is endometriosis, which is a disorder of the reproductive organs and pelvic region. The condition is most often associated with painful and irregular menstrual cycles and if it is not properly treated it can result in painful scar tissue and infertility.

Endometriosis involves the uterine tissue growing in other areas than the pelvic cavity, which can cause cysts, scars and adhesions leading to fertility problems. Endometriosis symptoms can run from none to moderate to severe and can be influenced by the hormonal changes during a woman s menstrual cycle.

Some of the symptoms include the following which one can use as an endometriosis symptoms checklist:

Heavy menstrual bleeding Irregular menstrual cycles Pelvic and lower back cramping Pain during sexual intercourse Painful bowel movements Cysts Pelvic and reproductive organ scarring Bleeding between menstrual periods Pelvic pain between periods Leg pain Intestinal pain Fertility issues Infertility Subfertility Anovulation Diarrhea Rectal pain Pain with flatulence Abdominal bloating

Endometriosis symptoms checklist information can tell a woman whether or not she may possibly have the condition. When a woman knows nothing about the topic, the condition can seem like a mystery without any relief. There are four different types of endometriosis which a woman should become educated about, which includes; autoimmune endometriosis, mild endometriosis, moderate endometriosis and severe endometriosis.

These conditions can limit fertility and make becoming pregnant difficult for a couple trying to conceive. When a diagnosis of endometriosis has been made a woman should do everything possible to have the condition treated. In order to avoid fertility issues a female needs to be proactive and seek testing and treatment when trying to conceive and get pregnant. With time and some natural dietary and lifestyle adjustments it is possible for a woman to manage and alleviate some of the symptoms of severe endometriosis. When trying to get pregnant and suffering from endometriosis, a woman needs to seek and follow the advice of a medical professional.

Couples may experience difficulty conceiving, but should never give up hope. With the right treatment for endometriosis, a woman can figure out a plan of action to handle the condition and prepare her body to be as healthy as possible to prepare for pregnancy signs and sustain a healthy pregnancy and be able to welcome a baby of her very own to love.

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