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Because the symptoms of endometriosis can mimic other conditions and disorders, getting a definitive diagnosis can be confusing. For a woman experiencing chronic pelvic pain it can be indicative of the disease, but without a physical examination and laparoscopy it is impossible to pinpoint. A physician is able to view the pelvic region with a laparoscope and determine if there is any endometrial tissue which would indicate the woman has the condition.

When trying to conceive and getting a diagnosis of endometriosis, a woman should not give up hope of becoming a mother. In cases of moderate endometriosis, natural conception is entirely possible and not unheard of, but if the disease is severe and requires surgical treatment, it can mean more difficulty when trying to become pregnant. In severe cases, an endometriosis fertility drug may be needed in order to help the woman get pregnant, but this can only be determined after careful medical consideration and the advice of a fertility specialist.

Fertility drugs that can help a woman experiencing endometriosis can include Clomid, injectable hormones, Pregnyl, Novarel, Ovidrel and Profasi, Pergonal, Repronex, Metrodin, Follistim, Bravelle or Gonal-F, along with many others. Severe cases of endometriosis can hinder or prevent pregnancy and must be treated in order to be alleviated. Approximately 40% of women with the disease will experience infertility, but with early diagnosis and treatment, it does not have to be the same in every case. For a woman that has already had a baby and may be trying to conceive another child, endometriosis can be the reason why it is not happening.

Several research studies have indicated that a woman suffering from the condition can use an endometriosis fertility drug and still become pregnant. There are many possible solutions when a woman is experiencing endometriosis-related infertility, such as artificial insemination and other assisted reproduction technologies. When fertility drugs are used in a woman with endometriosis, it can stimulate the ovaries to release eggs which can be fertilized. If a woman has laparoscopic surgery and tries to become pregnant, the success rates are even higher. No matter what the odds may be, when a woman has endometriosis and wants to become pregnant, it is important to seek medical treatment and follow the advice of a fertility specialist in order to increase her chances of having a baby.

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