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For women that must endure severe pelvic pain due to endometriosis, it can be so bad that quality of life and mere existence can be pure misery. For many women suffering from endometriosis a radical hysterectomy is the only way to experience relief of the pain and agony. A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of all the organs of the female reproductive system. A radical hysterectomy removes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix and is done to solve chronic pain from endometriosis. Choosing an endometriosis hysterectomy is a difficult choice and can render a woman infertile and kick start premature menopause in younger women. Removing the uterus only and leaving other reproductive organs does not change monthly hormone fluctuations that cause bleeding and may not improve the more severe symptoms of endometriosis however.

For a couple that has been actively trying to conceive a baby for a long period of time, fertility testing can highlight endometriosis as being an underlying female cause. Fortunately, with the latest revelations in the world of reproductive medicine the condition can be treated, managed or even alleviated completely. Endometriosis affects roughly 10-20% of women of childbearing age and can result in fertility issues for couples trying to get pregnant. There are certain risk factors which can increase the risks of a woman developing endometriosis which can include never having been pregnant before. There are also certain factors which can decrease the risk of endometriosis which includes the following:

Having fewer periods Multiple pregnancies Early first pregnancy

Just as there are things that increase or decrease the risks of endometriosis, there are also other factors which have no significant impact on whether or not the condition develops which include; tampons, oral contraceptives and IUD s. Risk factors for endometriosis are things that do not directly cause the disease, but seem to be related in some sort of way. Having an endometriosis hysterectomy while drastic can be the only thing that alleviates pain for some women. However, prior to having a hysterectomy, a woman should always consult with a medical specialist in order to see if there are other alternatives available. Remember, endometriosis may be a deterrent to being able to become pregnant but for many women seeking treatment and following the advice of their medical professional can help improve the condition and allow a woman success when trying to conceive a baby.

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