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Endometriosis is the growth of endometrial tissues on areas in the body other than the uterus. If the condition is not medically treated it can result in a woman experiencing fertility impairment. The main symptom of endometriosis is chronic pelvic pain, which can mimic other disorders so it requires a woman being examined with a laparoscope in order to be properly diagnosed. The term endometriosis pregnancy is often used as a reference to how the disease interferes with a woman s ability to get pregnant. Endometriosis pregnancy complications and risks can affect any woman that has suffered from the disease.

Pregnancy when suffering from endometriosis can be difficult because of pain due to the disease and can make a woman endure many uncomfortable side effects. The size, location and severity of the disease and age of the woman will influence the disease symptoms, some women have many problems and some have none at all. Endometriosis can cause problems with conception, miscarriage and pregnancy if it happens. Women that have endometriosis and become pregnant will sometimes find that the disease improves and sometimes the results are permanent. Estrogen promotes cell growth and having an influx of the hormone can cause cells to multiply which can lead to endometriosis.

Progesterone is needed in the body of a female in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy and the hormone influences the mechanism of action of estrogen. Excessive estrogen and an insufficiency of progesterone can be directly related to and may actually be the reason behind what causes endometriosis. Endometriosis pregnancy complications and risks increase if a woman waits until an advanced age to have a baby. When pregnancy happens, women that have endometriosis will experience a decrease in pain and other side effects, possibly due to lower estrogen levels. Today, women can do a great many things to decrease the effects and symptoms of endometriosis and pregnancy can be a beneficial part. Endometriosis when treated in early stages does not have to impair fertility or may keep a woman from being able to conceive. Early detection and the proper medical treatment and lifestyle changes can control or alleviate the disease. A woman needs to check with her physician and follow any advice provided to preserve fertility and keep the symptoms of endometriosis at bay.

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